Quality management

The quality, environmental and energy management system described in our management manual and our corporate actions are based on the general quality, environmental and energy policy approved by the management, which is defined by the following principles:

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Principle No. 1:
Customer satisfaction and expertise

The cast products produced by us must meet the requirements and expectations of our customers, fulfil their intended purpose and state-of-the-art standards and conform to statutory and official requirements. Fulfilling customers' requirements is the highest priority.
As a competent partner of the foundry industry we consider it to be our obligation to provide our customers with comprehensive advice and support to find the best solution for their tasks. The quality to be produced is to be defined and ensured according to economic aspects.

Principle No. 2:
Quality, environmentally and energy-conscious action

It is our objective to increase the quality, environmental and energy awareness of all employees and to continuously ensure that each employee has understood and follows the recognised principles. "General guidelines of the quality, environmental and energy policy", the defined "special energy policy" and annual targets support our efforts. Each employee is responsible for the quality of their work. The principles of the zero defects strategy and internal customer-supplier relations apply.

Principle No. 3:
Strive for continuous improvement

Each department and each employee is obliged to analyse all sequences and activities planned for fulfilment of the task with regard to their necessity, usefulness, efficiency and their effects on quality, the environment and energy. Any changes arranged must make an effective contribution to improving the status to date.